Minors and new universal rights
Minors and new universal rights
The values and principles linked to citizenship and motherlands have been transformed; eco–citizenship asks to defend the livableness of environments, asks for participation. Therefore: mobility and eco–citizenship are new, deeper, more significant paradigms, linked to categories, values and principles that have been transformed in more coherent and effective ones. Flexibility and availability, first of all, are suggested by mobility, but at the same time ask for a new idea of migrability, for a new perception of differences, probably for the definition of new rights: the free choice to move and to migrate, supported by the free choice to stay where you are born, if laws, health, critical thought guarantee from distances and absences. The rights, if not for us, if we are too old to breathe and live post–modernity, must be transformed for minors. A starting point? I think, it is the sacredness of childhood and adolescence.
Autore: Vincenzo A. Piccione
Editore: Aemme Publishing
Anno: giugno 2008
Edizione: prima
ISBN: 978-88-903641-0-5
Prezzo: € 12,00
Collane: Tracce e fenomeni