The new pedagogical settings
The new pedagogical settings
The changing perception of time, space and virtuality is deeply — anthropologically — modifying thoughts, styles, behaviours. Effects and implications must be analysed: their meanings are here studied from the pedagogical point of view, which cannot be satisfied by pure sociological, psychological, technological, economical issues. According to the author, educators, teachers, trainers must adopt a few keys to read and deepen the consequences of changes on men and women, on children and adolescents; his proposal deals with two specific dimensions which seem to synthesise the concerned themes: the educational settings and the narration. The definition of the pedagogical settings concentrates on the environments where all the concrete educational actions and interactions are realized. Therefore, actually, the pedagogical settings must be intended as all the real and symbolical environments that foster the elaboration of knowledge, the elaboration of all social, communicational, linguistic, emotional, sensorial relationships. Of course, their meanings and value do not depend on their being virtual or physical environments, nor they only depend on the changes that they promote, according to Didier Anzieu, within the Skin Ego. Narration is here seen, of course, as a methodology, as a strategy, as a tool, but, moreover, as the dimension which collects men’s, women’s, children’s and adolescents’ words, their participations, contributions and comments to a new quality of our being humans.
Autore: Vincenzo A. Piccione
Editore: Aemme Publishing
Anno: dicembre 2013
Edizione: prima
ISBN: 978-88-903641-9-8
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