Horizons and meaning
Horizons and meaning
Three maps are defined by the Author with the aim of synthesising the different segments of a complex horizon. The linking threads are un-usual, as they are concerned with the sense and impact of present, actual changes. Therefore, the analytical approach to subjects and notions is meaning-oriented and depends on a methodological choice: its crucial objective is the definition of the deep reasons that support the present right to education. The first map deals with communication and participation, with the values of effective relationships. The second map deepens the role and functions of brain’s and mind’s vital tools, from thought to emotion, from memory to motivation. The third map opens to some of the suggestions of the first ones, while defining the interconnections existing among biography, autobiography, psychobiography, sociobiography, that is among culture styles, life styles, thought styles, and therefore, educational styles.
Autore: Vincenzo A. Piccione
Editore: Aemme Publishing
Anno: settembre 2012
Edizione: prima
ISBN: 978-88-96252-01-7
Prezzo: € 12,00
Collane: Tracce e fenomeni