Between globalization and globalism
Between globalization and globalism
“The current book of T. Ihejirika offers new insights both to the dangers of a mis-construed globalization and into the expediency of thinking global and acting global in a way that does justice both to the world itself and to her creator. On account of this establishment of balance, the book saves research from futile experiments and discussions. And is therefore hereby being urgently rec-ommended to all involved in the contemporary debate on globalization, the talk of the day, the talk of the current epoch!”.
Autore: Tobias Chikezie Ihejirika
Editore: Aemme Publishing
Anno: giugno 2009
Edizione: prima
ISBN: 978-88-96252-04-8
Prezzo: € 12,00
Collane: Tracce e fenomeni