Embracing street children
Embracing street children
The encounter which the author proposes between the instruments of scientific research, the Somascan educative model and African wisdom, constitutes an authentic empowerment for successfully embracing the many street children, who remain invisible and marginal even when they are citizens of our streets and squares, sharing common space with us, everyday in our cities. The author, Tobias Chikezie Ihejirika, is the first Nigerian religious of the Congregation of the Somascan Fathers: a catholic institution, which for five centuries, following the example and method initiated by the founder, the lay Venetian Jerome Emiliani, occupies itself with abandoned youths and victims of the streets. Tobias demonstrates, in this work, to be a competent interpreter of the charisma and mission of the Congregation, fixing his eyes constantly on a new logic rooted in African experience and culture, without forgetting the contributions of psycho-social and western philosophical researches. This is a merit that must be recognised for this work. It donates an African frame of reference to the Somascan thought and reflection. It is really this new prospective that enriches a vast horizon of educational and missionary challenges with the youths of today. p. Franco Moscone, crs, (Superior General of the Somascan Fathers) In the central part of the book (chapter three), the author, after a panoramic view of different approaches, methods and styles of intervention to the problem of street children, presents the educative model of global intervention: an intervention addressed at the human person in his totality, departing from his concrete and particular situation. The key for reading this method is empathy, which associates itself to the consideration of a man in need not as an object of pity but as a custodian of rights and potentialities. p. Mario Ronchetti, crs, Founder, Arco d’Noè, Colombia
Autore: Tobias Chikezie Ihejirika
Editore: Aemme Publishing
Anno: gennaio 2010
Edizione: prima
ISBN: 978-88-96252-13-0
Prezzo: € 12,00
Collane: Tracce e fenomeni